Takashimaya Kyoto Store

Right next to the Kawaramachi station!!
English and Chinese interpreters are residing at the tax exemption counter.

Directions to Takashimaya Kyoto Store


10:00 - 20:00
Dining garden, Kyokairo on 7F is open until 9:30PM. / 7樓餐廳京都迴廊營業至晚上21點30分
Regular holiday None
( January 1 )
TEL 075-221-8811
adress 52, Shin-cho, Kawaramachi Nishiiru, Shijo-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
credit card Available
languages English  中文 
URL http://www.takashimaya.co.jp/kyoto/

Shop Information

Kimono & Yukata Market

The Kyoto Takashimaya Textiles Market has plenty from traditional items to Japanese miscellanea. Looks for this summer can be found in the Yukata Collection open until August 31 (Saturday). Gomi-no-ichi Kimono Festival also opens from July 17 (Wed) to July 22 (Mon) in the event space on the 7F. Gomi-no-ichi offers many products including traditional Kimono, Obi, and new products such as Obi-belt that is suitable to today's lifestyle. Enjoy your journey through Kyoto in yukata and kimono along with dining and the exploration of the many local temples, shrines, and Buddhist venues.

Area:5F. Kimono & Yukata Market / 和服&浴衣賣場

CLASSIC Cabin S : 111,240 Yen


RIMOWA Classic is designed for travelers with an eye for fashion trends. This impressive piece boasts considerable strength, functionality, and is completed by a handmade leather handle.



An initial necklace with the theme "Radiance of Premiere Etoile", shining with "The Brightness of a First Magnitude Star". The design is arranged delicately as to bring focus to a soft and pleasing light that spreads from the main motif. Exposed metal is minimized and height is given to the diamond instead. The gentle curve of the surface of the motif also lets the light spread across every direction, resulting in a three-dimensional radiance with a depth that you can really feel.

Area:1F. Accessory Market / 飾品賣場

Asahi Beer Garden 頂樓:ASAHI啤酒花園

Now Open!

Sept 16th, Mon (bank holiday) May be canceled due to rain. Open from 5:30PM to 10:00PM(Last order 9:30PM) ※Sat, Sun & Bank holidays Open from 4:30PM to 10:00 PM (last order 9:30PM) Reservations: 075-252-7869 Reception hours: 10:00AM to 5:00PM


Vacuum Insulated Portable Mug 170g, 0.35litres : 3,759 Yen each


Part of a vivid flower pattern series that really evokes a Japanese style. Extra light-volume slim model and compact portable mug that retains content either hot or cold. Holds approximately 170g. Its small size makes it easy to store away even in smaller bags and luggage. This makes it easy to enjoy a warmth that lasts for hours.

Area:6F. Kitchenware Market / 廚房用品賣場

Ofuki glasses cleaning cloth : 1,620 Yen


An Ofuki is a cloth cleaner for glasses, made from silk with expertise from the Kyoto printed silk brand SOO. This particular Kyoto silk is the handiwork of just four artisans, but the sense of colour and techniques used in these free-use small sized specialty clothes are all made one by one and entirely by hand, complete with noteworthy packaging that makes for an overall excellent choice for a souvenir.

Area:5F. Kimono Market / 和服賣場

49 Layer Marbled Print Super Gold Fine Powder Steel Petty Knife : 32,400 Yen

Nihonbashi Kiya

Nihonbashi Kiya has been producing edged tools since 1792.Layers of nickel alloy and stainless steel are marbled across both sides of the blade, and a super gold fine powder metallurgy is used to keep beautifully clean cuts a guarantee for years to come.

Area:6F. Kitchenware Market / 廚房用品賣場

Hello Kitty Relief Lunch Trio : 1,620 Yen

Sanrio Land

A set consisting of a spoon, fork, and chopsticks for whatever's on the menu. ★Complete with adorable characterspopping out from the surface ♪ Made in Japan

Area:5F. Sanrio Land / 三麗鷗商店

Master Ultra Slim Moon : 2,052,000 Yen ※ The price is as of June 2019.

Jaeger Le Coultre‎

A modest elegance in a refined K18 pink gold case, displaying both the date as well as phases of the moon. Clear cut lines express a classic form that transcends the ages.

Area:5F. Wristwatch Salon / 鐘錶沙龍

Innocent Skin White Serum : 10,800 Yen

dear mayuko

The beauty brand "dear mayuko" offers a wide variety of lifestyle items. 13 types of naturally derived beauty ingredients are combined with moisturizing components extracted from cocoons into a sun protecting beauty lotion for semi-medicinal use - all for a skin as beautiful as silk.

Area:1F. Makeup Market / 化妝品賣場

TAKAMI SKINPEEL 30mL : 4,951 Yen / TAKAMI LIP 7g : 2,351 Yen


TAKAMI has been involved in the development of skin care at the forefront of cosmetics for many years. It is a skin care brand that embraces the essence of skin.



Directions to Takashimaya Kyoto Store
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※Tax exemption is not applicable for some products including watches.
Pleas ask for details at the tax exemption counter on 1F.
※Watch section, jewelry section, premium selection of apparel and
accessory section, home appliances, and Pokémon Center are excluded.

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*Quantities are limited, so please understand some items may sell out.
*Prices listed include consumption tax.
*Prices & appearance may vary; arrival of your meal may take time.


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