Edogawa Hankyu Sanban Gai Restaurant

Unagi Cuisine Specialty Restaurant is THE Big Thing Right Now.
Enjoy Traditional Flavors that have been Loved for Generations.

Exquisite Sauce Replenished Over 60 Years

We serve Unagi, grown in Japan with credible quality.
Kagoshima grown excellent high quality Unagi is directly shipped to our restaurant and prepared with skilled craftsmanship.
Highly recommended if you want to eat Unagi in Osaka!

The popularity of Unagi as a dining experience has only been gaining more and more attention recently, thanks to its popularity with visitors from overseas who simply love the traditional Japanese flavor. Unagi boasts both a rich history and certain charm - this is a dish that sushi and tempura simply cannot beat. We'd love the chance to share the flavor with you too.

This time we visit the spacious, large-scale underground shopping center found in the Umeda area known as Hankyu Sanban Gai - here is where you'll find the Hankyu Sanban Gai Edogawa restaurant, where you can enjoy the taste of a business with a well-established 60 year history.
There are two ways for you to enjoy the delicious flavor of Unagi - Kanto style Edoyaki or Kansai style, but this particular venue specializes in the Kanto style - a rarity in Osaka.
The Unagi is made ready for a pure grilling with no additional seasoning or flavor, steamed until soft, then cut only with the hard steel of a gourmet blade.
The resulting gentle texture is what really makes the flavor so enjoyable.

Only domestic Unagi used here, and only after a meticulous selection process. This is complimented with a traditional sauce that continues to be used ever since the business began - yet another attraction unique only to Edogawa.
The Unagi is grilled to perfection by the hands of skilled professionals only once you've ordered, giving you plenty of time to appreciate the delicious scent.

One recommendation from the menu is the Four-star Unajuu, which is Unagi served on rice.
This is a soft and melt-in-your-mouth texture complete with a rich and flavorful Tare sauce. The harmony between this and its fragrant aroma is what makes this dish a true luxury.
When asking the staff how to truly make the most of every bite, we were taught to "give it a try with just a little Japanese pepper in between the rice and eel to really bring out the freshness of the flavor".

There's also three unique ways to enjoy the equally popular Ohimatsubushi. This chopped Unagi on rice should first be enjoyed on its own, followed by adding a few condiments, and saving the Suicha until last - this is a Chazuke-type flavor that refers to green tea on rice, in this case a delicious blend of tea and Dashi broth.
If you're already taken in by the allure of the taste of Unagi, this is definitely the dish to try.
Be sure to experience all these traditional Japanese flavors and more for yourself today.

Directions to Edogawa Hankyu Sanbangai Location
QR:  Edogawa Hankyu Sanbangai Location

COUPON: 10%OFF ※Except some menu.

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11:00 - 22:00
Regular holiday No fixed holiday
TEL 06-6373-7100
adress 1-1-3, Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka
Hankyu-sanbangai, South bldg. B2F
credit card Available
menu English  中文 
URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTQLfIFTrHY

Directions to Edogawa Hankyu Sanbangai Location
QR:  Edogawa Hankyu Sanbangai Location

COUPON: 10%OFF ※Except some menu.

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