Sakura hunting


Preparing for hunting always takes a lot of time and effort. From Stone Age till present times hunting was significant part of human life. Of course the purpose of the hunting changed over the years, but still the importance and the feeling of enthusiasm mixed with the seriousness of the situation has been kept.

Right now all Japan is preparing for cherry blossom season: everybody are very carefully looking for cherry forecast, watch over the pitches on the tress, checking the temperature, wind and humidity to be sure that they will not omit the best time to admire the delicate flowers of sakura. When the time will come, the hunting for best spot to celebrate Hanami will starts.

Our hunting was also prepared carefully, although we took a risk: we decided to hunt for fully blossom tree on the first day of spring in Kyoto. The risk was great as Kyoto is always a few grades cooler than Osaka, moreover the cherry season was barely opened in Tokyo and Fukuoka, so the chance to find any flowers on trees in Kyoto was close to 0, but those who do not face the risk, lose the chance to win. We do not let any chance to win pass by.

We carefully prepare our small group for this highly important and risky trip: we took best cameras, biggest umbrellas ,the best sakura-lovers, best driver and we departed to Kyoto. The weather was promising us the great success, but fist pick at the hills around Togetsukyo cool down our optimistic mood – the cherries on the hills were warily listen to the mild and warm spring wind. We took brief stop to one more time check our chances and decided where to check next. The Graal of the sakura geeks is to find the single cherries tree in full blossom in the middle of young green bamboo forest. But you know… Graal… Maybe not this time.

We did not find any trace of pink petals at Kinkakuji and Ninnaji temples, however we felt the vibes of upcoming event. Last preparation took place and all monks were rushing to their duties as the day was slowly coming to the end. We might try to check only one place and we did know we needed to choice wisely. It seems that only Heavens can help us and we did need to turn to the first among all the temples. The place were carps turn into dragons and were the Emperor used to have his villa. Our last hope was Tenryuji.

We entered the temple full of humility. We took the last look at the pond and surrounding hills , dedicated our self to Wisdom of Buddha and started our hunting in the temple garden. It is so hard to describe what we did feel. We were happy, relieved, proud, but at the same time couldn’t believed our eyes. There it was. Peaceful and beautiful cherry tree covers with light pink flowers totally not aware of its beauty. The hunting was over.

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