Before Reservation

What way of reservation is available?

Direct reservation on the website only. You can use “Reservation Form” when you make a reservation on the Internet; the following browsers are recommended for using it.

  • For Microsoft Windows Users:
    Internet Explorer 8.0 or later
  • Firefox latest version
  • Chrome latest version
  • For Smartphone Users:
    Android OS 1.6 or later

We are aiming for improvement of the accessibility of the whole of the site and adopt CSS and other web standard technologies. Browsers other than above are not capable for these technologies so that layouts of some pages of the site may not be displayed properly. Thank you for your understanding.

When is the start/last day of reservation?

Reservation is accepted until “Reservation Due Date” written on detail page of each item. Reservation Due Date is different from route to route, so please be careful. After “Reservation Due Date”, you cannot make a reservation even if there is an empty seat.

At Reservation

How many people can make a reservation at the same time?
12 persons.
Can I designate my seat such as window seat at reservation?
You may not designate your seat such as “window seat”, “front seat” or “rear seat”. Thank you for your understanding.
Can I make use of any discount including child discount?
Child fee for children of 12 years-old or under is available.
Please check it on the detail page of each tour.
Can I travel with a small child on my lap to the site?
The Revised Road Traffic Law requires to fasten seat belts on all seats; we cannot accept a passenger on your lap without using a seat.
What is “Reservation Confirmation”?
It is a confirmation (E-mail) sent to you after you made a reservation. Normally, it is sent in 10-15 minutes after reservation. If you cannot receive the E-mail, please contact us for resend of the E-mail after checking your filtering settings, spam folder and E-mail address. This Confirmation becomes the ticket of your bus; keep it not to lose and show it to staff at boarding.
I cannot receive “Reservation Confirmation” E-mail.

Normally, it arrives in 10-15 minutes. If you cannot receive the E-mail, causes may include the following:

  • Wrong E-mail address was entered.
  • You stopped operation before confirmation page of the contents of your reservation.
  • Trouble on the line between providers.
  • Capacity of your receiver mail server is not enough. >> Please use another E-mail address.
  • Your receiver mail server recognize the E-mail as a spam. >> Some E-mail service automatically recognize some E-mails as "spams".
  • Please check your spam folder and recycle bin.
  • You have set anti-spam filtering on your mobile. >> Please set the filtering to receive E-mails from "contact@exp-tours.jp".

We are not capable with Alias of Gmail; if you set it active, you may find an error of E-mail sending or payment at reservation. Please resolve the problem of your E-mail and restart the procedure.

Please notice that reservation is automatically recognized as cancellation even if you did not receive Reservation Confirmation E-mail and payment due date passed.

Can I use wait list?
We do not have a wait list system.

About Payment

What can I select as the method of payment?
There are two methods of payment: Credit card or payment by PayPal.
How should I make a payment by credit card?

All of payments by credit card will be treated as single payments. We make card settlement at the confirmation of the reservation.

*About Claim
We claim the fee in JPY from your credit card company. If you used a credit card you brought from your country, your card company will exchange the fee to the currency in your country to claim from you. The settlement will be completed when you completed the reservation.
Can I receive receipt of card settlement?
We do not issue receipt for you at card settlement. Please check your credit card statement sent from your card company.
Which card company can I use?

VISA, Master, AMEX and Diners Club are available.

If you use AMEX, whose card number to enter is four, six, five digits (total 15 digits), please enter the number four by four to the left into the form in Reservation Form and enter 3 digits into the last form.

After payment, will I receive contact of payment confirmation?
We do not contact you when we confirmed your payment.
Can I use a debit card?
[About Using Credit Cards with Debit Function (VISA Debit Card, etc.)*]

If you use a credit card with debit function for reservation, credit authorization will be made immediately after clicking “Reserve” and the fee will be debited from the designated bank account. If your order did not confirmed due to error occurred after authorization of credit, debit may duplicated or it may take some time to refund. So please refrain from payment by a credit card with debit function.

*A debit card utilizing the system of a credit card to immediately debit a fee from a bank account. (It is different from J-Debit System utilizing a cash card issued from a financial institution.)

At Boarding

What should I do at reception if I cannot print Reservation Confirmation?
If you can show it on your mobile screen, it will do. If you have Reservation Confirmation in your E-mail box in your PC, please forward it to your mobile mail to show. If you cannot forward it, tell the name of applicant at the meeting place. We will check your receipt, phone number, etc. as necessary to guide you to your bus.
Will a bus ticket be issued in advance?
Please show “Reservation confirmation (E-mail)” to the staff at the meeting place if you made the payment by credit card.
I do not know where the meeting place is. What should I do?
Please check the meeting place in advance on the map on Reservation Confirmation.
Can you keep a large luggage such as a suitcase?
We will store your baggage such as suit case or backpack for free just before getting on a bus. Please refrain from bringing bicycles, musical instruments, animals, etc. to prevent other passengers from having trouble. Please refrain from bringing a large luggage into the bus which may cause trouble on the passenger on the seat next to you. Keep it compact to put around your feet.
Can I bring my pet into the bus?
You cannot bring your pet; also, we cannot keep your pet in a trunk.

On the Bus

May I barrow a blanket?
Is there a toilet break?
Basically there is no toilet break until arrives. Please go to toilet before getting on.
Can I smoke in the bus?
No smoking in the bus.
I, 1 female, will get on the bus. Does a male passenger come to the seat next to me?

We are taking care of the sex of the passengers who sit on the adjoining seats when we make a seating chart, but there may be occasions when we cannot meet your requirements.

*Male and female passengers will sit together in some type of seat.

I left my luggage in the bus.
If you request us to send your luggage to the designated place, you shall bear the shipping fee.