Privacy Policy

EXPLORER TOURS (hereunder “the Company”) comply with Personal Information Protection Law and have fixed the following Privacy Policy for proper protection to do business.

About Compliance of Laws

The Company comply with laws, notifications and other rules concerning personal information protection and make a continuous improvement for personal information to be handled properly.

Also, we reflect improvements to this basic policy at any time.

About Use of Information

The Company may acquire information necessarily required at reservation for purpose to use including name and address and information which passengers can deny to provide on customers’ own will.

In the latter case, we recognize that the information was provided on customers’ own select.

Purpose for Using Information

The Company will utilize the personal information we collected from customers for the following purposes.

  • Information the Company Can Acquire
  • Information concerning Reservation (name, sex, age, address, phone number, E-mail address, credit card number, etc.)
  • Information concerning questionnaire (reason to purchase, liking, etc.)
  • Normal Web access information (domain name, access time, kind of browser, etc.)
  • To appropriately notify information about special services and new products to customers
  • To provide services and contents fit for customers on the website
  • To enable customers to apply/inquire about customers’ travel, etc.
  • To contact customers as necessary

How to Use Information

The Company may utilize the information above for confirmation and communication with customers in our management business.

Also, the Company may utilize the information with prior consent for sending printed materials or other letters, or sending notification on E-mail.

The Company will utilize the information from which individual will not be specified as a research material after statistical analysis for improvement of this website and our products/services.

The Company may not enable a third party to utilize these materials.

The Company may provide customers’ name, sex, age, address, phone number or E-mail address, passport number and credit card number by electronic measure to transportation/accommodation organization, insurance company and its agency to the extent necessary for arrangement of the travel service they applied and for deliberation of these services or to the extent necessary for procedure of insurance which will guarantee responsibility in the travel contract, expenses at accident, etc. of the Company.

About Management of Information

The Company should handle the information provided by customers under the management of the Company.

Disclosure and Provision of Information to a Third Party

The Company should keep any personal information acquired from customers under strict management and basically may not disclose customers’ personal information to other then the Company.

Also, the Company may not provide or share the information with a third party not involved in management business of the Company without prior consent.

However, if the Company is required with proper procedure fixed in a law, or if necessity to protect rights and property of the Company occurs, the Company may utilize a necessary minimum information for that purpose.

About Exemption

If a customer use the service on this website, the Company recognize that he/she admit Privacy Policy of the Company.

On this website, the Company may alter, revise, add or delete a part of the Privacy Policy above for some reasons.

In this case, the Company will always notify it on this website.

Please notice that the Company may recognize that a customer has checked the contents of alteration if he/she use the Company after notification of alteration of the Policy.